Monday, July 18, 2016

How to get involved


Thanks for checking out this exciting new sailor program. In order for new RC sailors to get going quickly we have adopted the Joysway DragonForce RG65 Ready–to Race model. 
1) For less than $200 you will have a sanctioned class boat, from the American Model Yacht Association( AMYA). 
2) It is easy to assemble, it takes about 2 to 3 hrs. 
3) It weighs less than two pounds so it will fit in small cars for transporting. 
4) We will teach you how to sail it once you join our club, Rochester Area Model Yacht Association
AMYA is the governing body for many RC sailboat models. Check them out at WWW.THEAMYA.ORG.
So what next!
We sail Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5 to 7 pm, at Unity Hospital pond, Long Pond Rd, Greece. Come visit and watch us sail, meet a few members (currently 22) and try out a boat.
If you would like to try out the club DF 65 boat, drop us a line, so we can make arrangements. You are free to use the club boat, to experience the joy of RC sailing. It will need to be returned to the club each day we are sailing.
If you like what you see, members, boats,… you can purchase the boat from Amazon for $174 plus shipping. It includes the boat hull mostly assembled, the sails, rigging material, servos for the sail and rudder (installed) and a nice 4 channel controller. It is really a neat package!
It includes instruction for assembly. There are a few YOUTUBE instructional assembly videos (see below), that are more informative than the printed instructions. We will help if you need assistance.
Join our club, for $20/year. This pays for trophies, end of season picnic, buoys and pond insurance if needed.
Come sail, with an instructor and practice.
Buy Back Program
If you really don’t like the boat, you will be able to offer it for sale to our members via our web site. If a member does not purchase it, the club MAY purchase it from you, at a fair market value. This will depend on our resources and need at the time, and will be determined by the fleet captains and the club treasurer.
This boat is widely sailed through out the USA, you won’t have any problems selling this model on Craig's list or similar market sites.
Additional information
This model is considered a development class, which means the owner can make all sorts of modifications. These can get very expensive. However, we will be using what’s called, One Design Rules, This severely limits what modifications you can do, essentially what is allowed is to paint the boat anyway you want, and that’s it. This keeps everyone with the same boat, without expensive modifications. See the One Design rules below.
Our club will only allow the "A" rig set of sails as supplied.  You can make your own sails, however they must conform to the design rules for an "A" rig.
Hope to see you sailing soon.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Building instructions

YouTube building tips

Class owners association
This last link takes you to an organization that is for both the RG65
and the DF65 (Dragon Force)
Ignore the RG65 info since using those enhancement breaks the DF65 restricted class rules.
Only pay attention to the Dragon Force info.